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January 8, 2024
Is working with Purpose Built right for you?
By Miles Lasater and Reini Chipman

Though we see endless possibilities when it comes to founders we’d love to work with, we rigorously seek to find founders with a strong mutual fit, who we know can flourish through our innovation process. Working with aligned founders helps us build faster and perform better together as co-founders.

If you respond yes to these questions, you’d probably be a great fit to work with us: 

  • Mission Fit – are you excited about expanding economic opportunity as we define it (primarily increasing income and wealth for customers)?
    If you are more drawn to healthcare or climate we might not be a fit – unless there is an economic opportunity component such as training or getting people higher paying jobs in these fields.

  • Growth + Revenue – are you excited to build a startup that wins and makes money?
    We build socially beneficial startups that drive for a combination of commercial success as a fast growing startup and are mission-driven. We are looking for at least $10s of millions of revenue with a valuation north of $100M (and often potential for the company to be worth over $1B). That means serving a market that is at least a $1B. If you aren’t excited by both growth and mission, then it’s probably not a fit. 

  • Timing + Personal Readiness – are you ready to start a company in the next 3 months and go all in (full time) on it?
    If you have professional, family or other commitments that make this not the right time, let’s talk later. You can join our email list to stay in touch with us. You can also send other people our way. 

  • Deal Structure – are you comfortable with how we earn equity as an institutional cofounder? Reach out and we can share more details with you.
    Here’s how it can make economic sense in general. We aim to be transparent and explicitly clear about how the deal works when you build with Purpose Built. If the deal isn’t right for you, no hard feelings.

  • High Integrity + Adaptive Leadership – do you take personal responsibility and seek the high road when the going gets tough? Do you want to be among peers that want to improve their performance by learning how to be better people, managers and leaders? Are you committed to giving and taking direct feedback? Do you want to pay down communication debt and Get to the Heart? Are you excited to build your dream team and a healthy and equitable work environment?

    We gravitate towards building with founders who work to be self-aware, take personal and professional responsibility, and are committed to continuous learning and development. If it’s a Whole Body Yes, then let’s do it. Otherwise it may not be a fit.

  • Truly early stage are you at the beginning of your founding journey? Are you pre-money and pre-incorporation?
    As an institutional co-founder, we work with founders at a very early stage, before outside money is raised. If you have already raised money, congratulations! Your venture is at a later stage than we work with. For folks who have significant traction on their business already (ex. capital raised, business is incorporated, you have a cofounder, you’re generating revenue), we encourage you to consider an accelerator. 

We hope you’ve read through these and developed more conviction about mutual fit. If this is the case, please tell us so we can explore working together.

If these are not resonating, know that we think you’re awesome. And, we’re likely not the right partner for you right now. Our intention with sharing openly is to save you precious time. 💚 

Let's build together.
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