Our Purpose
Trillions of dollars are locked up in unfulfilled human potential.
people are out of jobs in the US.
jobs are unfulfilled, however.
2 in 5
people in the US plan to start a business in 2022.
We believe that the best way to unlock this potential is to:
Invest in world-class entrepreneurs. Help them reach their full human potential through extensive coaching and operational playbooks.
Build and invest in companies that help millions of people reach for greater economic opportunity.
Why Build With Us?
Skip the 18 months of self-funding with pre-vetted ideas and an EIR stipend.
Launch your MVP with studio resources and support.
We’ll invest $250-500K of seed funding.
Reduced Risk
Double your success rate and cut your time in half with our ops playbooks, talent and advisory network, and executive coaching.
Our Process
001 — Ideate
We generate and source hundreds of business ideas through our venture partner network, and select the few with potential to become $10B businesses that advance human potential.
002 — Explore
We work with entrepreneurs to explore high-potential businesses that fit their expertise; “getting out of the building” with customer development, interviews and prototypes.
003 — Validate
We provide entrepreneurs with a stipend to run an MVP to de-risk the business, build the product, acquire early customers, and prepare for launch. The entrepreneur stipend unlocks founding talent that couldn’t otherwise afford 18 months without a paycheck.
004 — Launch
We invest $250-500k in each venture, and setup the books, legal, and HR. Founders typically own >50% equity stake, depending on their founding team and investment amount – skipping straight to growing their business, without the early funding slog.
005 — Grow
We provide ongoing founder coaching, operational playbooks, recruiting and fundraising support to help founders grow their own skills as they grow their companies.
What To Expect
For 3-9 months, you’ll be working directly with our general partners, talent collective, and coaches to co-found a company.

If we mutually find an idea we’re all excited about, we will invest up to $500k with the potential for substantially more when company milestones are met.
Services Provided:
Market Research
UI & UX Design
Company Formation
Legal & HR
Product Management
Our founders have gone on to raise from:
Meet Our Team
Our Venture Partners
NextGen Venture Partners
Kindred Ventures
Firework Ventures
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the initial commitment?
The first month is part-time. You do not need to quit your job. After that, this is a full-time endeavor.
What are your deal terms?
In addition to working together to create the company, we invest $250k to $500k as the first money into the company. Founders retain a competitive amount of company equity.
Do I need to move?
No. You can be based wherever you feel is the best location for you to build a successful venture. But, we do expect a team IRL experience once during ideation and once a month during validation.
What resources are available during the ideation phase?
Full-time access to the core studio team, our startup building playbook, our network of coaches, our talent network of engineers, marketers, designers, etc., and our hands-on support/ownership of legal, HR, admin, fundraising, etc.
Let's build together.
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